General Lab Information


Professor Dr. Zohreh Parsa

Physicist; Tenured Faculty; and Executive. Her research has spanned Nuclear; Particle; and Collider (ILC, LHC, MC, SSC) physics (theory and phenomenology) including: Nuclear Structure; within the framework of quasiparticle - vibration coupling approach in the unified nuclear model. Topological Solitons in Physics: Multiply Charged Magnetic Monopoles and Quantum Chromodynamics. Non-linear Physics. Flavor Physics; Rare Kaon Decay; Intermediate Vector Bosons. Neutrino Cosmology; Neutrino Electron Scattering theory; Muon Physics; Dark Matter.

Neutrino physics including Neutrino/ CP violation and Very Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) studies she started in 1998 that envisioned sending a very intense neutrino beam through the earth to a "far away", underground, large detector to search for Physics Potentials for making Precision Measurements of all Neutrino Oscillation Parameters, CP Violation, Proton Decay and Natural Sources of Neutrinos such as Supernova;   LBNE; and DUNE

Professor Parsa in addition to Teaching and Research, has been: Author; Referee; Editor; Chair; Coordinator & organizer of Physics Programs & Workshops; E.g., Coordinator and organizer of the first US long term Particle & Accelerator Research Program: “New Ideas for Particle – Accelerators”, at the Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP), Santa Barbara, California (July-December 1996). Executive Science International LLC; Team Leader of (US State Department Funded) Projects with Former Nuclear Weapon Scientists; Chair & Organizer of BNL biweekly Particle & Accelerator Physics seminars (1987-1999); ..

Computer activities: Elected Chair/ Head of Digital Equipment User Society Upton Section (12 years) Chair/ Head of BNL Computer Users Group; (1986-1999); Editor of Manuals, Primers (VMS, Unix; IBM); Member of Cyber Administration, ...