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Professor, Dr. Zohreh Parsa,

Physicist; Tenured Faculty; and Executive.  Her research has spanned Nuclear; Particle; and Collider (ILC, LHC, MC, SSC) physics (theory and phenomenology) and has included: Nuclear Structure; Topological Solitons in Physics; Multiply Charged Magnetic Monopoles and Quantum Chromodynamics; Flavor Physics; Rare Kaon Decay; Intermediate Vector Bosons; Neutrino Cosmology; Neutrino Electron Scattering theory; Non-linear Physics; Muon Physics; Dark Matter; Neutrino physics; LBNE; and DUNE.  Author; Editor; Coordinator; Chair; and organizer of Physics Programs and Workshops; Executive Science International LLC; Team Leader of (US State Department Funded) Projects with Former Nuclear Weapon Scientists; Chair & Organizer of biweekly Particle & Accelerator Physics seminars (1987-1999)..