About: Brookhaven Neutrino Home Page

Brookhaven Neutrino Page includes Neutrino Physics and developments of Accelerator, Reactor and Solar neutrino experiments. This page has been started for the very Long Baseline Neutrino (LBN) oscillation Physics and Experiment (LBNE) with Neutrino source at BNL that Dr. Parsa started in 1998. That envisioned sending a very intense neutrino beam (from Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, New York), through the earth to a far away underground multipurpose large detector capable of making precision measurements of all the neutrino oscillation parameters, Proton decay and observation of natural sources of neutrinos such as supernova, providing a major advances in neutrino science. After over a decade, since (2012) DOE's approval of FNAL proposal for LBNE with Neutrino source at FNAL, this page has been continued with the chronology and development(s) of the LBNE with source at FNAL (LBNE was renamed) DUNE/LBNF, in addition to the Reactor Experiments, Solar Experiments etc.

Neutrino (and alias Neutrinos) page has been moved to https://neutrino.bnl.gov and https://neutrinos.bnl.gov Thanks for assistant with this move to L. Soto and R. Loring; and special thanks to K. Lally for his assistants, with the 1st server purchase, earlier page set ups and more.